Increase your fame from the shadows on the world stage while remaining completely anonymous

When you chose a side, who tells you that it is the right one? Is it really the more reasonable? Ultimately, who cares? The other. The other is the enemy. There is your camp and the other camps. Everything can be justified.

Spies(Game) is an augmented reality game, playable on Android and iOS, which allows you to embody a secret intelligence operative in one of many locations around you: parks, places, malls, beaches or even whole neighborhoods. The accent is put on intense action in the field where proximity and timing are key to validate objectives and terminate enemy agents.

Download the app and start writing your legend

With Spies(Game), set foot in a parallel world and experience the thrill of an agent duty. Play now in more than 50 cities, hundreds of locations and thousands of daily events near you.

Engage in upcoming operations

Browse the operations by location, time, duration, modes, missions and capacity. You can enlist for 3 upcoming operations in advance and until 5 minutes before they start.

Reach the field of action on time

Once you enlist for an operation, get to the location on time. Your phone should be fully charged as bluetooth, GPS and data signals are needed, sometimes up to 60mn. Be invisible...

Complete the objectives

Analyze intels, reach and defend zones, terminate enemy agents and use devices to take advantage of the situation... Your only aim in the field: complete the mission without being terminated yourself.